Maji Cloth Sha-Pibo Star Codes Large

  • $333.00

We have source the finest Organic Cotton canvas available for this 1 time production, special addition Maji Cloth.

We believe in the highest quality, functionally activating, long lasting organic and natural materials and products. Always striving to bring you the best and blessed that we can offer.

Size: 57 x 43,3 inch (145 x 110 cm)

Star Codes Series Crystals Information

The 6 color prints in the Star Codes Series have a different mineral infused into each color of ink:

Gold - Gold Ink
Connection, Abundance, Purification
Gold attracts the vibration of abundance and joy. It symbolizes the purity of Creation, the All That Is. It’s attuned to the realm of complete understanding, supporting a direct communion with Source Creation. It holds purification properties that amplify the physical and metaphysical body.

Iridium - Silver Ink
Memory, Lucid Dreaming, Visualization
Iridium is one of the six platinum group elements and is one of the rarest elements found on earth. It is believed to increase electrical transmissions across the brain, helping to improve memory, alertness, support lucid dreaming and visualization.

Lepidolite - Purple Ink
Calm, Balance, Breaking Old Patterns
Lepidolite is a stabilizing stone that holds a calming energy, perfect for balancing the body, mind and spirit into harmony, and ideal to work with during times of transition to release old patterns.
Ye Ming Zhu - Green Ink
Good Fortune, Health, Strength
“Ye Ming Zhu” translates to Night Bright Pearl, a stone that’s been coveted by China’s Dynasties for centuries. It is said to bring good health, fortune, increase Qi, and strengthen the aura.

Turquoise - Blue Ink
Love, Protection, Good Luck
Known as a “Master Healer” stone, Turquoise has been coveted since ancient times for protective amulets and cherished by Native Americans for its ability to create a connection between heaven and Earth.

Red Alabaster - Red Ink
Illumination, Guidance, Peace
Gathered from the Valley of Kings in Egypt, this Alabaster symbolizes transparency and purity of the mind and physical body. It helps dissolve mental blocks, leading you towards breakthroughs and higher realizations.

Selenite - All 6 Inks
Purity, Light, Activation
The powerful vibration of Selenite can clear, open, and activate the Crown and Higher Chakras. It’s an excellent tool for all types of spiritual work, working as a metaphysical eraser to clear out energy that no longer serves you.