Elemental Series - Maji Cloth

The time will come when evolved humans will begin to enshroud themselves with Sacred clothing. Wearing purely created Maji-Cloth protects our souls, binds us to spirit and illuminates the world around us.

Vastra Bhandar - we will bind ourselves with the divine by wearing the energy within our very clothes. debut post about the specialty Star Codes Elemental Series.

Yeh Ming Zhu

This is our finest piece of crafted art to date.

Altar Cloth / Prayer Cloth / Sacred Cloth.

This is meant to be a Talisman for prayer and pro-creative energy. This Cloth is meant to be an instrument of empowerment and pure connectivity The collective resonance created by the interaction and harmonising of there atomic forces create a unique energy signature of their own.

This Cloth is designed to hold an ionic charge amplifying the effects of the 6 elemental materials in this specific matrix of printed inks (circuitry of codes)

Monotomic Gold - This form of gold is processed into ash and then distributed into the water based ink solution to be solidified in place with our high quality Crystal inks. This allows Ionised Monotomic Gold to maintain state and produce a net negative ionic charge, just as a waterfall and creates a general field of health and wellbeing

Monotomic Irridium - Is said to be “food for the light body” both gold and iridium date back to practices in Egypt and beyond. These minerals may have once been more readily available on the planet at a time before now and have had a beautiful enlightening effect on the evolution of that time.

Ye Meng Zhu - The glowing stone. This stone is said to have been worded by ancient Chinese Emperors and disappeared during a cultural revolution in China. Since then only some have seen and said to be in museums but remain an Unknown stone. A Tetra-hedral crystalline structure and rare earth elements are said to transform energy into light, unlike most glowing stones that must be exposed to light, Ye Ming Zhu glows from ambient energies,heat and other “undetectable” enemies.

Lepidolite- is a form of Mica with a high amount of lithium. This stone restores balance to the mind and spirit. This stone stimulates life force by dissolves energy blockages causing emotional healing and stress reduction. It is said to envoke the spirit of the sky and ocean giving life.